NorthPointe Animal Hospital

Animal Hospital, Inc.



In-House Laboratory Testing

To provide immediate diagnostic information for treating your sick or injured pet, we have modern in-house laboratory equipment. We can perform most routine tests, including complete blood counts, chemistry panels, electrolyte checks, urinalysis, parasitology, etc.

Reference Laboratory

For more complex diagnostics, we contract with several well-known professional labs for analysis of fluid and tissue samples, x-rays, ECGs, ultrasounds, etc. Many tests have quick turn around and are available within 24 hours.


Our in-house radiograph (x-ray) equipment produces high quality radiographs. Radiographs give us an inside view of your pet's internal organs and skeleton, providing essential information for the diagnosis and treatment of your pet.

We also have digital dental radiographs to aid in the care and treatment of your pet's dental health.


We have a state-of-the-art ultrasound system, as well as access to radiology and ultrasound specialists, to assist us in diagnosing potential problems. This gives us a live view into your pet's working organs, providing a lot of information to assist in diagnosing problems.