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Dental Care

As with humans, dental care is vital for our furry friends to eliminate tartar build-up, and keep their teeth clean to prevent pain, gum-disease, and other health issues. 

Border Collie Smiling in Fresno, CA

Signs your pet needs a Dental Cleaning  

  • Not closing their mouth 

  • Strange eating pattern or refusing to eat 

  • Making sounds of pain when they eat 

  • Growling or hissing if you try to touch their mouth 

  • Rotting Teeth 

  • Bleeding Gums 

  • Stronger Breath than usual 

  • Refusing to play 

  • Pawing at their mouth

Your pet’s oral health impacts its general health. Pets with cleaner mouths live longer happier lives. The bacteria that cause periodontal disease may get into the bloodstream and cause heart, kidney, or liver disease. We offer digital dental x-rays that will show the extent of the periodontal disease and if any extractions are needed. OUr veterinarian recommends regular dental cleaning will help your pet keep their teeth longer and live a happier life. Check our blog on how to maintain your pet's oral health. 

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