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Veterinarian examining dog in Fresno, CA and Clovis, CA

Our Services

We offer a variety of veterinary services to keep your pet healthy and allow them to live a long fulfilling life. For more information on our services, call us

at 559-434-5470. 

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We recommend a complete physical exam every 6-12 months depending on the age of your pet. Even healthy pets need regular visits to identify problems early which in turn helps increase the chances of recovery and could also reduce the cost of treatment. Since our pets cannot speak for themselves a thorough history of your pet’s home life may give us clues of an existing or developing problem. 

Yorkshire Terrier getting examined by veterinarian in Fresno, CA
Dog receiving urgent care from veterinarian in Fresno, CA

Unfortunately, some of our pets will need emergency care at some point in their lives. If your pet has an emergency or needs urgent care, please call us at 559-434-5470 to see if we can accommodate them in our schedule. Our doctor has extensive experience working in emergency medicine and this is one of his areas of interest. These include treating feline urethral obstruction, allergic reactions, foxtail searches, laceration repairs, vomiting, and diarrhea to mention a few.   

Puppies and kittens need a series of vaccines to prevent common diseases. We offer packages that provide the needed vaccinations, and parasite treatment, which include spay/neuter. The packages ensure you start your new family member on the right track. 

puppy and kitten sleeping together after going to veterinarian in Fresno, CA
Dog smiling after going to veterinarian in Fresno, CA

Your pet’s oral health impacts its general health. Pets with cleaner mouths live longer happier lives. The bacteria that cause periodontal disease may get into the bloodstream and cause heart, kidney, or liver disease. We offer digital dental x-rays that will show the extent of the periodontal disease and if any extractions are needed. Regular dental cleaning will help your pet keep their teeth longer and live a happier life. 

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We offer common surgery procedures as well as urgent care procedures. If we are not equipped to handle the procedure your patient needs, we will do our best to direct you to a hospital that can.

Cat in surgery at veterinarian in Fresno, CA
Dog getting eye checked by veterinarian in Fresno, CA

We have a well-equipped in-house laboratory and use an advanced referral lab to meet your pet’s needs. Our hospital is equipped with digital x-rays with radiologist reviews as well as an ultrasound that helps our doctor in patient evaluation.

We have a well-stocked pharmacy to meet our patient’s needs. Special items may be ordered for prompt delivery when needed. Written prescriptions are provided for medications we don’t carry or at the client’s request.  

Fresno Veterinarian checking pet medications and  perscriptions in Fresno, CA
Dog receiving microchip by veterinarian in Fresno, CA

We encourage all our clients to consider microchipping their pets.  Microchipping is the safest, most effective method for identifying your pet, to help them to be returned if lost.  

We encourage our clients to consider getting insurance for their pets. This will help cover unexpected costs in case of an emergency and enable you to provide the best care without worrying about cost.  

Healthy pets with pet insurance lying on grass in Fresno, CA
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Your pets are safe in the hands of our qualified veterinarian and knowledgeable staff serving the Fresno, Clovis area! 

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