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Here you'll find a wealth of website pet information that's updated on a regular basis. The Encyclo-PET-ia contains great information for learning about pet topics and diseases, but if your pet is sick or not feeling well, we highly recommend that you bring your pet in for an examination with our veterinarian who serves the Fresno & and Clovis area. 

Various pet owners with their pets in Fresno, CA going to NorthPointe Animal Hospital in Fresno Clovis area


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Pet Healthcare Videos

(All videos below are presented by the American Veterinary Medical Association)

Flea and Tick Preventatives 

Spaying and Neutering your pets

Pet Dental Cleanings 

Vaccines: Protecting Your pets

Heartworm Prevention

Blood tests for Pets 

Pet Urgent Care Fresno
Pet dental Care Fresno
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